Composite write back to FIMService via Powershell

So if you have a large number of objects to update in FIMService it could be complicated..

Lithnet FIM/MIM Powershell Module makes it so much simpler..

Below is a script I used to say update all accounts which have “accountType” = oldaccounts and set “accountBlocked” to true (my custom schema).

Some explanations

  • I have set PageSize = 100 which means if you are returning more than that number process only 100 at a time..
  • I have set “-AttributesToGet” which gives me only the attribute what I want

See how easy is that? You can do multiple operations before save-resource and thus do a bunch of changes to say 1000 users and in 10 saves it will be done!!!

PS: As you can see its simple for demonstration and not doing any error handling etc..

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