IAM Implementation & Cybersecurity Considerations

Recently I had to present my personal thoughts on how we should implement a hybrid IAM scenario and the Cybersecurity considerations we should have when doing so. Attaching my slideshow with some thoughts. Let me know if any queries. It's only fair to share…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinemailReddit0Print

MIMWAL Boolean Comparison: Did I do it wrong?

So I had to do some complex workflows for a client. And you know MIMWAL is best for that. Now I was going to use the Eq() built in function to do a comparison to see if the attribute is coming back is true. The attribute I was comparing to was a boolean. So in […]

Passwords: Evil Necessity to be Protected!!!

I had missed posting this on the World Password Day but forgot to hit publish (my bad 😛 ) You know your passport – Your very physical identity which you put in a locker or in a safe place. Or while you are travelling you keep it with you at all times and don’t leave […]