FIMService: Convert Static Group to Dynamic

Following from my previous post on how to create a group with both static members and dynamic filter, I came across a scenario where post migration we have some customers who initially had a group with explicit members but we thought they could be converted to a filter based group which matches the business case. […]

Composite write back to FIMService via Powershell

So if you have a large number of objects to update in FIMService it could be complicated.. Lithnet FIM/MIM Powershell Module makes it so much simpler.. Below is a script I used to say update all accounts which have “accountType” = oldaccounts and set “accountBlocked” to true (my custom schema). Some explanations I have set PageSize […]

Scheduling Syncs for ADConnect Maintenance

We have loads of objects in our AD / Azure AD.. we believe doing regular Full Imports and Full Syncs for all the MA’s is a good way to make sure Sync engine is healthy. Had recently visited #MSAUIGNITE 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia and SME’s there suggested Full Sync is not needed in environments unless […]