Passwords: Evil Necessity to be Protected!!!

I had missed posting this on the World Password Day but forgot to hit publish (my bad đŸ˜› ) You know your passport – Your very physical identity which you put in a locker or in a safe place. Or while you are travelling you keep it with you at all times and don’t leave […]

Identity 101: 2 Factor Authentication and App Passwords

2FA A Must!!! 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) / 2 Step Verification is a big push these days and works as an additional security in this ever increasing world of social engineering and cyber threats. Not just at your work but for your personal account as well. This should be turned on for every app you use […]

Microsoft AU Ignite 2017

Was a great experience for a first conference of mine.. Keynote, Food, Freebies (SPAM attached) Loads of people to meet Some highlights Hopefully I get to learn a lot in the next 3 days.. It's only fair to share…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinemailGoogle+0Reddit0Print