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IDN Admin Console: v1.0.2

New release for IDN Admin Console Enhancement #92 Support Alternate IDN Domain Names Bug Fixes #94 Fix Multiple Accounts Page when no account found Download: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console/releases Project: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console Discussion: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console/discussions  

IDN Admin Console: v1.0.1

New Release for IDN Admin Console Bug Fixes Manage Rules: Fixed missing description value caused exception Manage Rules: Replaced carriage return characters, if exist, with empty string ReadMe.md: Update to install npm packages with –legacy-peer-deps flag Releases now have auto build feature for Darwin (Mac), linux and windows  Download: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console/releases/tag/v1.0.1 Project: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console Discussion: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console/discussions

Pet Project: IDN Admin Console

Hi All This has been a long time coming!!! This has been my personal goal to drive this and to get help to build something for the community. Thanks for the great internal support this vision is finally coming true for me!!! I am not a coder and definitely have 0 knowledge on Angular. But …

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IDN + Transforms + VS Code + Snippets = Lightning Speed #IDN101

Hiya Folks Happy New Year!!!   I have written a few posts before on how to write nested transforms and about a few new transform types available. But it still look like a tedious task when writing a transform – especially a complex one. It is as powerful as its confusing sometimes. I still don’t …

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How to Search Non-Indexed Account Attributes in IDN Rules

Hey Folks!!! Anyone well versed with IDN Rules will know that there has been some historic limitations on what attributes we can and can’t use for uniqueness search or for other such methods. We were generally tied to “Account ID” and “Account Name” attribute in each source which were indexed in the DB which could …

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