IdentityNow Rule Validator 3.0 + Generic Rules

As you may know, for IdentityNow Cloud Rules Рthey have to be submitted to SailPoint for upload to the tenant. We have a rule validator tool to validate IdentityNow rules for malformed or incorrect code fragments, and help make sure they conform to the SailPoint IdentityNow Rule Guide before rule submission.

We have had a great release of a brand new IdentityNow Rule Validator v3.0 (currently sitting on 3.0.23 at the time of writing). This is a major jump forward with mention in release notes (many more enhancements than what it states ūüôā )¬†

  • BeanShell linter will now validate syntax and usage to help discover issues in your code before you deploy
  • A watch option which continually monitors and validate/lint¬† your code while you develop.


Please download and use the latest one when submitting rules for deployment otherwise you rule will get rejected for using the old version.

What I wanted to point out was that Generic Rules may start failing validation as it is doing much strict linting check for variables coming from transform which are not defined in the rule. You will need to add them to <Signature> tag for it to now pass validator.


You will see two inputs 

  • identity – this is the identity context which every cloud rule has access to but not predefined as input in the Generic Rule type.
  • identityEndDate – this is an input coming from a transform which is calling the rule

If I run this on the rule validator, it will fail with the following errors

As you can see – it couldn’t retrieve the definition for both the attributes¬†


You need to define them under the Signature XML tag so that the validator allows it through

As you can see the Signature tag is defined with Argument name and type. This will allow the rule validator to understand what they are. So the rule will now look like

Now the rule will pass

You are good to submit your rule now…¬†

Happy coding!!!

IDN Admin Console: v2.4.0


  • #262 Bulk Entitlement Management (Add Owner / Update Owner / Delete Owner / Mark As Requestable / Unmark as Requestable / Mark as Privileged / Unmark as Privileged)
  • #265 Allow Users to Submit via Enter Key on TextBoxes (Press Enter to Submit)
  • #270 Performance Improvement For Roles & Access Profiles Load
  • #272 Check for Latest Version & Notify of Update

Bug Fixes

  • #266 Destroy API calls for Multiple Accounts Report Page on Navigation
  • #268 Destroy API calls for Roles & Access Profiles on Navigation

Download: Releases · piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console · GitHub

Project: GitHub ‚Äď piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console


Goodbye CSV… Welcome NELM!!!

This has been long time coming and an ask from many clients. We wanted to have a UI interface to be able to create non employees like contractors etc directly inside IDN (as a source). These type of records might not generally come from an HR source and are maintained directly in AD or other such places. Thus, we have got a new type of source called NELM (Non Employee Lifecycle Management) which has a UI interface where you can enter them. 

Currently its a two step release focusing on API based release happening over the weekend in the production orgs (already in your sandbox). Read more about it in this article.

You can

  • Have multiple sources – how about designing each via type like service account, contractors or say via departments?¬†
  • Approver for each creation – as above you can assign approvers per type or department and segregate.
  • Custom schema as per your liking
  • Manage these users as normal LCS and business rules like any other source.

Note: There is currently a launch limit of 20 NELM sources per org and 1000 identities per source. Also up-to 10 custom schema attributes. So take that into consideration of your design. I would see this lifted or eased in future as this is used more by customers.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks while creating a user for the source. 


A lot is currently via API but in a few months we will have more coming in UI.

You should start testing and possibly convert your csv sources and manual uploads of such users to a nice UI interface with better auditing and management. 

Let me know if any questions.

Edit: Documentation is live!!!