Powershell Tip: Send quick Email when a service goes down [Update: And bring it back up]

Yes we have SCOM monitoring and stuff, but if some testing or debugging is going on and do don’t want to do down the hassle of setting up alerts and just simply want to get notified when a service goes down, here is a simple script  

It’s pretty self explanatory. You can also […]

AzureAD: Get List of all users with a particular license

You might have to do reporting and want a list of all users in Azure AD which have a particular license.. Following is an easy way to do so

Get-MsolAccountSku will give you a table of all the License Types you have and count AccountSkuId ActiveUnits WarningUnits ConsumedUnits TENANTNAME:AAD_BASIC 300000 0 1 TENANTNAME:AAD_PREMIUM 300000 […]