AzureAD: Get List of all users with a particular license

You might have to do reporting and want a list of all users in Azure AD which have a particular license.. Following is an easy way to do so

Get-MsolAccountSku will give you a table of all the License Types you have and count AccountSkuId ActiveUnits WarningUnits ConsumedUnits TENANTNAME:AAD_BASIC 300000 0 1 TENANTNAME:AAD_PREMIUM 300000 […]

Quick Tip: Get local time for next AzureAD Sync

When you run the command

You get an output similar to AllowedSyncCycleInterval : 00:30:00 CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval : 01:00:00 CustomizedSyncCycleInterval : 01:00:00 NextSyncCyclePolicyType : Delta NextSyncCycleStartTimeInUTC : 18/05/2017 10:55:42 PM PurgeRunHistoryInterval : 7.00:00:00 SyncCycleEnabled : True MaintenanceEnabled : True StagingModeEnabled : False SchedulerSuspended : False SyncCycleInProgress : False You will notice that the time is in […]

Scheduling Syncs for ADConnect Maintenance

We have loads of objects in our AD / Azure AD.. we believe doing regular Full Imports and Full Syncs for all the MA’s is a good way to make sure Sync engine is healthy. Had recently visited #MSAUIGNITE 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia and SME’s there suggested Full Sync is not needed in environments unless […]