SailPoint Developer Days 2023 Session Video

Hey Folks

As you may be aware, I gave a presentation at SailPoint Developer Days 2023 on IDN Admin Console

The video link is up. I hurried it up a bit so missed some features and probably came out bad and rushed

All links the event

Let me know what you think…

IDN Admin Console: v1.20.2


Bug Fixes
  • #200 Work Items: Display text instead of empty field for null or missing data

Bug Fixes
  • #196 Null check of ownerId and requesterId in Work Items
  • #197 Add Missing “Type” in Work Items Display and CSV


  • #191 Ability To Duplicate Criteria Based Roles
  • #192 Move Few Endpoints to v3 from beta

Bug Fixes
  • #190 Work Items Pending Forward does not return items

    IDN Admin Console: v1.17.0


    • #175 See Access Request Status
    • #176 Ability to Forward Pending Access Request Approval
    • #177 Added Approval Summary Statistics
    • #178 Increase Default App and Container Width

    Download: Releases · piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console · GitHub

    Project: GitHub – piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console