MIM AD Sync Error: Unable to update the password – Another POV

So we sync AD users from cross-domain (not a single forest). So say from “DC=contoso,DC=com” to “DC=fabrikam,DC=com”. Not getting too much into it, we do some matching and rules extension to convert a few value to match the destination domain. Have recently been seeing the following error when sync engine is trying to enable a […]

KISS for MIM – Autosync

This one has been long overdue and about time that the community realizes how easy it can make your daily life with FIM/MIM. A wonderful tool which keeps our engine purring like a kitten and all the cogs moving – Autosync written by @RyanLNewington Since the past two year or so, it has evolved and […]

FIM/MIM Powershell: XPath Demystified

I have been promising to get this post out there.. So here it is.. If you make extensive use of Lithnet ResourceManagement Powershell for MIM/FIM (You should if you don’t) you will probably be using the cmdlets “Search-Resources” or “Search-ResourcesPaged” which require an “-XPATH” input. Now my xpath is real bad in for a complicated search. Thankfully […]