Following from my previous post on how to create a group with both static members and dynamic filter, I came across a scenario where post migration we have some customers who initially had a group with explicit members but we thought they could be converted to a filter based group which matches the business case.

The script below helps you on doing the same. Again using LithnetRMA for the process.

Warning: Again, many custom attributes logic in FIMService for my environment but again you will get the whole idea. I have left the script as-is and not dumbed it down.

Please read my Groups with Static and Dynamic Members in FIMService post to understand the logic I have been applying for Autogen groups and how group and set tie up to each other in FIMService.


  • Asks for existing group name (DisplayName) in FIMService.
  • If found, outputs the number of explicit members found
  • Asks if you want to put a filter on the group and then asks for the XPATH filter (coming soon on how to create XPATH easily)
  • Checks if the filter is valid. If so (the fun part)
    • Outputs the count of users in the new filter
    • Compares the filter users to explicit members and gives a count of
      • New members to be added due to filter (i.e. not found in the explicit members list)
      • Count of common members found between existing explicit members and XPATH
      • Finally gives count of explicit members for the new set to be created (i.e. not found in the new filter).
  • Finally if the user wants to continue after above information
    • Creates a set with “Autogen-GroupName” and set the filter and explicit members to that
    • Modify’s existing group and deletes the current explicit members
    • Converts the existing group to a filter based and sets the objectID of the set created above.
  • Done

Hope it helps.. Please like, share or leave a comment below..


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