We have loads of objects in our AD / Azure AD.. we believe doing regular Full Imports and Full Syncs for all the MA’s is a good way to make sure Sync engine is healthy.

Had recently visited #MSAUIGNITE 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia and SME’s there suggested Full Sync is not needed in environments unless there has been a connector change.. But I disagree and consider ADConnect as Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM / FIM) and by experience we have seen a good healthy sync engine we should do FI / FS for maintenance.

After doing some initial sync timings, found our FI from Azure took 9 hrs and FS took about 2 hrs. Likewise from AD FI took 1 hr and FS took 2 hrs.

Decided we wanted to schedule each FI and FS to make sure sync engine is all caught up out of business hours.


  • The MA is called “AzureAD”
  • Run Profile Name is called “Full Import”

Do the following on our ADConnect Sync Box

  • Create a powershell script with the following code and save it as “AzureFI.ps1” at a location say D:\SyncScript

  • Create a task scheduler and run as the same user which runs the sync engine.
  • Schedule it once a week / month as per your requirement. As per your initial tests, you can schedule it out of business hours say 10pm and by morning it is finished.
  • For action
    • Action: Start a Program
    • Program/Script: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
    • Argument: -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File “D:\SyncScript\AzureFI.ps1”

That’s it!!! You can create similar scripts and change ConnectorName / RunProfileName and create tasks for each at particular times.

You will have a healthy sync engine for ADConnect.



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