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Since the last time we chatted about transforms and had said we are in process of adding new types in future. Well.. here we are with few news ones fresh out of the oven!!!

They will greatly help you achieve your goals without the need of rules. Please do revisit them while doing your design or upliftment. The goal is to minimise dependency on rules and by using transforms it gives you more control over the testing and deployment process.

For some new noteworthy ones

The date math transform allows you to add, subtract and round components of a timestamp to or from an incoming value. It also allows you to work with a referential value of “now” to run operations against the current date and time instead of a fixed value.

Imagine using this for LCS calculation if simple or just to get some dates for different systems say 10 days in future or so.

The username generator transform allows you to specify logic to use when attempting to derive a unique value for an attribute in an account create profile, . Oftentimes this can be as simple as combining parts of a user’s name and/or HR data (e.g., firstName.lastName), but sometimes generator logic such as a uniqueness counter might be needed to find a unique value in the target system (e.g., firstName.lastName1 if firstName.lastName is already taken).

How about ditching an AttributeGenerator rule and using this? 

The UUID generator is a simple transform allows you to create a universal unique id (UUID) in the form of a 36-character string. The underlying code is written in such a way as to provide a 1 in 68,719,476,736 chance of creating a string that actually collides with another string within the tenant.

Generate UUID on the fly

The name normalizer transform allows you to clean or standardize the spelling of strings coming in from source systems. Most commonly, this pertains to names and other proper nouns, but the transform is not necessarily limited to those data elements.

Get rid of the WiERd CasINg

The get reference identity attribute transform is an out-of-the-box rule transform provided via SailPoint’s Cloud Services Deployment Utility rule. It allows you to easily get the identity attribute of another user from within a given identity’s calculation. As a convenience feature, the transform allows you to use “manager” as a referential lookup to the target identity.

Want the manager’s employee number, email, phone and other details listed easily on the profile?? so easy now!!!

And so many more added.. Do review the full list here and see what can benefit you from removing rules and going down the transform path


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