Good News everyone (Prof Farnsworth)

We have just released Export / Import API for certain SP configurations in IDN. 

API Details:


Current Endpoints

Description REST API End-Point
List Config Objects GET /beta/sp-config/config-objects
Export Objects POST /beta/sp-config/export
Export Status GET /beta/sp-config/export/{id}
Export Results GET /beta/sp-config/export/{id}/download
Import Objects POST /beta/sp-config/import
Import Status GET /beta/sp-config/import/{id}
Import Results GET /beta/sp-config/import/{id}/download

As you will see currently the supported objects are limited (ETS / Rules / Sources / Transforms as I type this) but that list is set to grow as the API solidifies. The documentation is quite good and comprehensive on what you can do and how to. You can also take this to next step and incorporate / build your own CI/CD process to migrate your tenant config from sandbox to production. 

Disclaimer: This is still beta endpoints so please do test out the process and give feedback to SailPoint


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