So I came across a client who has a domain ending with .local and stumbled across a weird issue with our SailPoint Linux VAs.

Now, I am no DNS / Linux expert and not saying that you will have this issue if you have a .local domain. So YMMY

The VA could do nslookup on the domain but couldn’t do ping / openssl and other such commands. Thus  couldn’t connect to the server via domain name and SSL verification broke and connector didn’t work. 

For example, the AD domain was call “abc.local” and after the VA setup, it could do a nslookup but couldn’t do openssl command. Which means the connector couldn’t connect via domain name and verify SSL certificate. Workaround was to connect via IP address but then the certificate didn’t contain IP address and thus SSL config didn’t work. This also affected all other servers we need to connect which are domain joined and had a .local in the end.

After doing some research, I found many articles which pointed to /etc/nsswitch.conf file and one particular line 

hosts: files usrfiles resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] myhostname dns

This line needs to be changed to (remove [!UNAVAIL=return])

hosts: files usrfiles resolve myhostname dns

I won’t go into details on why and what it does – plenty of articles explaining DNS and Linux interactions – I am no expert on this.

Now previously we couldn’t edit the file directly in our VA due to the locked down nature of it. So I worked with our internal team and have finally got a fix out if you are in this situation. 

For this to work charon version needs to be atleast 1624. You can check your charon version by running the following command

sudo docker images | grep charon

Note: If you don’t have the version, don’t worry – will get rolled out per standard updates in coming months.


Run the following commands

To revert the changes

That should re-create the original symlink.

NOTE: A wrong edit to this file can cause DOS. So please do be careful and test it in SB and have direct access to the box if needed. Please be careful and test this out before prod implementation and have direct access to VA to restore file if needed.


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