This has been long time coming and an ask from many clients. We wanted to have a UI interface to be able to create non employees like contractors etc directly inside IDN (as a source). These type of records might not generally come from an HR source and are maintained directly in AD or other such places. Thus, we have got a new type of source called NELM (Non Employee Lifecycle Management) which has a UI interface where you can enter them. 

Currently its a two step release focusing on API based release happening over the weekend in the production orgs (already in your sandbox). Read more about it in this article.

You can

  • Have multiple sources – how about designing each via type like service account, contractors or say via departments? 
  • Approver for each creation – as above you can assign approvers per type or department and segregate.
  • Custom schema as per your liking
  • Manage these users as normal LCS and business rules like any other source.

Note: There is currently a launch limit of 20 NELM sources per org and 1000 identities per source. Also up-to 10 custom schema attributes. So take that into consideration of your design. I would see this lifted or eased in future as this is used more by customers.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks while creating a user for the source. 


A lot is currently via API but in a few months we will have more coming in UI.

You should start testing and possibly convert your csv sources and manual uploads of such users to a nice UI interface with better auditing and management. 

Let me know if any questions.

Edit: Documentation is live!!!


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Gabro · 10/31/2020 at 7:22 AM

So this is only for sailpoint identitynow ?

    admin · 10/31/2020 at 7:36 AM


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