Quick Tip: Get local time for next AzureAD Sync

When you run the command

You get an output similar to AllowedSyncCycleInterval : 00:30:00 CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval : 01:00:00 CustomizedSyncCycleInterval : 01:00:00 NextSyncCyclePolicyType : Delta NextSyncCycleStartTimeInUTC : 18/05/2017 10:55:42 PM PurgeRunHistoryInterval : 7.00:00:00 SyncCycleEnabled : True MaintenanceEnabled : True StagingModeEnabled : False SchedulerSuspended : False SyncCycleInProgress : False You will notice that the time is in […]

Extending Azure AD Schema via Graph API – The n00b Guide

I’ve been playing recently on try to figure out how I can extend the Azure AD Schema for my tenant. In my endeavor, I have come across (till now) two way to do it: Using AADConnect and selecting directory extension to create the attribute in AzureAD in the form of “extension_{AppClientId}_{attributeName}“. This method works only […]

FIM/MIM Powershell: XPath Demystified

I have been promising to get this post out there.. So here it is.. If you make extensive use of Lithnet ResourceManagement Powershell for MIM/FIM (You should if you don’t) you will probably be using the cmdlets “Search-Resources” or “Search-ResourcesPaged” which require an “-XPATH” input. Now my xpath is real bad in for a complicated search. Thankfully […]