So there was a delete operation sent to an AD MA. It was deleted successfully but on import (Full / Delta) MIM was still seeing the object with a staging error

Error: The dimage indicates an update or replace operation, but the image doesn’t exist.

Cause: Unknown – The Object Information was corrupted in connector space.

Resolution: Did some digging with Microsoft and came up with the solution

  • Open SQL Server management studio and logon. Backup FIMSynchronizationService database.
  • In a new query script, input the below command



  • You can get the RDN from the object corrupted.
  • After that, record the object_id from the query result, which we will use in the later statements.
  • Run the below statements to turn it into a phantom


  • Stop the FIM service.
  • Delete the record via the below commands


  • Restarted the FIM Services
  • Run the FIM Sync to see if the issue fixed.
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