Hey Guys

Will be presenting on the topic “Practical IdentityNow REST API Examples” on the 2nd Day (Training) August 15th 2019.

It is the flagship event of SailPoint and has industry leaders attending it with focus on how SailPoint can help in identity governance and what the future holds. The only other such event from SailPoint is in Austin which happened earlier this year.

Looking forward to it and hopefully won’t get a stage fright 😰

Give me a shout if you can make it to the event. It is FREE to register & attend!!! Did I also mention free food 🙂 

Here is a snippet of what you can look forward to

Practical IdentityNow REST API Examples

Piyush Khandelwal

Get a fast-paced introduction to the REST API and the out-of-the-box Seaspray transforms available from IdentityNow. We’ll combine these two topics to show you how to design, build and deploy a transform, giving you the ability to extend the functionality of IdentityNow with these key features.

More Info & Register: https://navigate.sailpoint.com/sydney/

See you there!!!



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