Hi All

This has been a long time coming!!! This has been my personal goal to drive this and to get help to build something for the community. Thanks for the great internal support this vision is finally coming true for me!!!

I am not a coder and definitely have 0 knowledge on Angular. But just have been looking and improvising on some existing codes after building a framework with someone who had the know-how. Have had a great support team to help build with me. Weekends, nights.. all sweat and blood 🙂 

NOTE: This application is not developed, maintained or supported by SailPoint. It is built and based on a community effort. We are hoping people will contribute and help it grow.

About the tool

The goal of this project was to lessen the pain we saw in the field during deployment and go-live and by clients during daily op. I also wanted to drive the goal of a GUI model for easy and codeless interaction for end users for some basic tasks.

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console

SailPoint Developer Community Post: https://developer.sailpoint.com/discuss/t/tool-idn-admin-console/4688


In an ideal world, wish we had dedicated time and knowledge on how to keep building on this but…

We are looking for (list is not exhaustive)

  • Help from internal and external community if they are interested in spreading the word
  • Help from keen internal and external community to help us build more features and extend existing ones.
  • GitHub and Actions know-how to help management and auto build / deploy / version et al
  • Help us make the Angular framework better and plug holes if any.
  • Help us enhance it (pagination, current build documentation / standardizing and refactoring code et al .. list is endless)
  • Testing, finding, and reporting and hopefully help fixing bugs – we are bound to find lot of issues to being with as its very new and not many people have used it. Please use in sandbox environment first.
  • Looking for contributors for the repo to help us set it up properly


Current Feature list is

  • Find Multiple Accounts in source and download report
  • Sources
    • Bulk Manage Aggregation Schedules (enable / disable / backup and restore accounts & entitlement)
    • Bulk Manage Source Owners
    • Bulk Run Aggregations (unoptimized/file upload)
  • Rules
    • Download Cloud Rules
    • Manage Connector Rules (Add / update / delete / download)
  • Roles
    • Bulk Manage Roles (Enable/disable/mark unmark as requestable/delete)
    • Bulk Manage Source Owners
  • Misc
    • Check and Set Org Time



It is an Angular app and using Electron to build for various environments. There is some technical how-to in the readme file. Currently hosted on GitHub repo and open source with MIT license.

I really hope this tool helps you in some way and feel free to enhance it and spread the word!!!

Till the next time…


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