• #170 Rearrange Menu and Make Identity Info Default Login Page
  • #171 Enhanced Multiple Accounts Report

A lot of enhancements to the Multiple Accounts Report

  • Enhance the API call get the largest dataset size possible via API
  • Batch processing of API Calls
  • Retry mechanism for 429 error if any
  • Wait to load the entire dataset before displaying result
  • More details on the page to explain the load
  • Total count of accounts displayed

This method still doesn’t give all possible results depending on number of multiple accounts you may have. I have written up an alternative method via excel to see all duplicates if needed.

Bug Fixes

  • #169 Fix location path of tsconfig.json


Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Accounts Report: Added Note text due to current limitations.


Bug Fixes

  • #161 Identity Info: Entitlement Names Showing Count

      Download: Releases · piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console · GitHub

      Project: GitHub – piyush-khandelwal-sp/idn-admin-console

      Docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/khandelwalpiyush/idn-admin-console


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