Cosmetic Bug in MIM SP1 Portal Display (v4.4.1302)

So another day – another bug found by me (I do that a lot apparently and its a known issue with me in my team 😛 )

If you install MIM SP1 v4.4.1302 and open up the FIM Portal there is a cosmetic bug with IE/Edge and Firefox. This does not happen in Chrome

When you open up – say the users tab in maximized view you would see


But if you change the size of the browser the center image does not shift and skews the view


It’s been confirmed by Microsoft and will probably be in the bottom of their list and fixed in upcoming releases

Some Great Addons for Admins in FIM / MIM Space

So if you have been playing with Microsoft FIM (Forefront Identity Manager) / MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) you would already happen to know its not the best user experience out of the box if you have a complex environment.

Meet LithNet:

A lot of tools written by MVP Ryan Newington under whom I have had the privilege to work with. Have helped with lot of testing thus most of the codes following in the blog will contain cmdlets from the above.

Some of the MOST helpful tools in the belt are (which I use pretty much everyday)

There are some other great tools there like UMARE, ACMA, GoogleApps Management Agent which includes powershell commands to manage googleapps and some cool new stuff coming which I am not able to talk about atm 😉

If you need any explanation on how to use them, do hit me up here or the developer.

Follow the dev @Twitter


First Post to be!!!

So I thought I should do a bit of a braindump of my work and learnings from other’s work.

N00b in everything Identity & Access Management. Have done lots of work with Microsoft FIM / MIM and technologies surrounding it. Been in the IT field for over a decade but heavily indulged in IdAM field for the past 3-4 years.

Idea is to post my daily work in the job which can probably help some soul save time on their end 🙂

Take my work with a grain of salt as the title already suggests 🙂


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